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His Eminence Khen Rinpoche Geshe Lobsang Gyaltsen to visit Taiwan in Feb/March 2017.


His Eminence Khen Rinpoche Geshe Lobsang Gyaltsen will be visiting Taiwan R.O.C as per the invitation extended from 25th Feb to 18th March, 2017. Public in general are requested to contact the phone numbers in the advertisement for more information and further updates.

His Eminence Khen Rinpoche is the 80th Abbot of Drepung Gomang Monastery, an oldest monastery of Drepung Monastic University. More 

Grand Overnight Debate congregation

Grand first overnight mass debate with participation from Lharam Geshes of Drepung Gomang monastery and Drepung Loseling monastery was held first at the courtyard of Drepung Gomang Monastery's Prayer hall temple on 15th oct evening. This special overnight mass debate was organized to offer deepest gratitude to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and for His Holiness long healthy life and to commemorate the 600th founding anniversary of Drepung Monastic University (1416) in Tibet.




His Eminence Khen Rinpoche Geshe Lobsang Gyaltsen on visit to Mongolia. Drepung Gomang Monastery has unique historic and religious ties with Mongolia. Before 1959 in Tibet, monks from Mongolia join Drepung Gomang Monastery to pursue Buddhist studies on Philosophy and returning back to their country to teach their people. This unique tradition is still being followed to these days. Every year, Young monks from Mongolia enroll to this monastery where they are taught how to read and write besides usual Monastic philosophical classes.

His Eminence Kundeling Tatsak Rinpoche is on official visit to our Moscow Center.

With formal invitation extended by our Drepung Gomang Center, Moscow Russia. His Eminence Kundeling Tatsak Rinpoche will be giving blessing to the public and will be giving initiation and religious discourse organized by our Drepung Gomang Center, Moscow. 

Дорогие друзья! Мы искренне рады сообщить Вам, что
с 04 по 13 июня 2016 года в Москве пройдут обширные Учения досточтимого Кунделинг Татсак Ринпоче.
Учения пройдут в рамках визита 7-й официальной делегации монастыря Дре-пунг Гоманг а Россию. Во время учений будет построена песочная мандала Шри Ваджрабхайравы (Ямантаки), с опорой на которую, Кунделинг Ринпоче даст посвящение Одиночного Ямантаки.

Место проведения:
Большой зал группы ЭльЛогос,
Гранатный пер., д. 12 (м. Барикадная )

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'Thuk Choera', Inter-class debate congregation.

Ignorance is the root cause of suffering, and wisdom is the antidote to ignorance. Through learning, one eventually becomes established in wisdom. Just as a lamp illumines a house so that one can see colors and shapes, so learning and wisdom enable one to see the nature of phenomena.

Drepung Gomang Monastery holds this unique distinction of having a special curriculum called Thuk Choera, an inter class annual monastic debate congregation that has started from 25th May. It is hold every year at the monastery. The practice of debate is the most important way to learn Buddhist Philosophy in the monasteries, it is an effective means of expanding the mind, increasing mental sharpness, developing analytical capacity and gaining internal clarity. The duration of this special ‘Thuk’ debate at Drepung Gomang Monastery will last for a week


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