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Drepung Gomang School

Drepung Gomang School is administered by Dre-Gomang Buddhist cultural Association (DGBCA). More than 200 monk students from age 7-18 study here modern education like English, mathematic, science other than traditional religious studies. The classes are from 1st grade to VIIIth grade.

Drepung Gomang School

School Assembly (left)  English class (right)


English class (left) Tibetan history class(right)

Calligraphy Class



The school every year also organize SUMMER CAMPS for the children of the camps during the summer vacation. They are taught Tibetan calligraphy, grammar, literature, history and basic religious studies.

Summer camp 2012

Khen Rinpoche presenting prize to the students.

Chief administrator Geshe Samten Gyaso giving talks to the young students.

Classes during Summer Camps.

Young teacher checking the books of the students.                         Religious talks.

For any information/donation/gifts please do send it directly to this address:

Dre-Gomang Buddhist Cultural Association,
Lama camp no. 2,
P.O. Tibetan Colony-581411,
Dist. Uttar Kannada.
Karnataka State.


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